Why “LoveTape” will be considered a classic after its release

Every classic has something unique about them, a creative intro, a creative storyline, some very dope music! Basically an album but really a mixtape. LoveTape is one of the biggest projects of rapper K3’s music career. Why? It is a playlist of about 24 tracks split into two parts. Part 1 releases March 20 and Part 2 is set to release closer to the fall. On LoveTape Part 1 K3 brings the listeners deep into the project with a dramatic but romantic intro before suddenly dropping into an aggressivly addicting track called “2L8” in which he talks about things being too late to fix when it comes to his past relationship(s) in 3 different songs combined into 1. He has an amazing story in “I’m Shook” and more notably the production handled on the whole project is phenomenal. Working long nights in various locations including studios, basements, hotels and wherever else necessary to record alongside producer and engineer JahGotTheJuice, his go to guy, they created a work of art for years to come. More details along with interviews about the project are coming soon.

Jameel Miller